Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Ethical use of information technology Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ethical use of information technology - Article Example Federal Intelligence Organization and for shattering the integrity and privacy of the U.S. Air Force website (Chellel 1). In May 2013, they were jailed as these reputable organizations suffered with hefty losses of reputation and money due to these hackers. In jail, Ackroyd was truly guilty and felt extremely embarrassed for what he did and how badly he used his gifted skills (Chellel 1). He decided to correct all his mistakes when he gets out of jail, and use his natural blessing of ability to hack for the goodwill of his nation and people. But, he was still doubtful if life would give him another chance and he would get any opportunity to be a part of the respectable society and study further, ever. Ackroyd’s imprisonment period was shortened to nine months. When he was released out of jail in February, his good intentions helped him and he succeeded in getting admission at Sheffield Hallam for a Masters qualification in the field of Information Systems Security (Chellel 1). It was not late after, when he again got a big chance to prove his skills, but now for a good purpose. His role became active when companies direly demanded ethical hacking, due to flooding in of cyber security. Companies lacked the immediate expertise required to protect their business from drowning in the floods of cyber security. LulzSec’s hacking activities against Pay Pal and Mastercard Inc. were observed at a hype when they rejected WikiLeaks to operate for their payments from their platform. These companies got highly alert when Wikileaks dispatched all military confidential information. LelzSec’s members conducted their activity by recording FBI conversations, uploading all secret info and false claims on YouTube. They became a great threat for the nation. Ackroyd has a heroic role in this act. Server obstacles and hidden patterns were always a thrill for Ackroyd (Chellel 1). With his nature of taking the hidden as a challenge and going deep down, Ackroyd

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