Monday, June 10, 2019

Language Acquisition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Language Acquisition - Essay ExampleFrom the essay it is clear that infants have an innate efficiency to learn the grammar of a specific language as all intelligible languages are based on grammatical rules that are common and corresponds to the ability of the world brain. The stages of acquisition of the native language are measured by originality and increasing complexity of children utterance. At first, infants overgeneralize grammatical rules. For example, they may say goed trying to pissed went, a form infants are unlikely to have perceived, suggesting that they have deduced or intuited complex grammatical rules and failed to apprehend exceptions that cannot be anticipated from a grammatical knowledge. match to the study findings an applied linguist studies acquisition of foreign or second language. Learning a second or foreign language involves passing by some stages. These include the overgeneralization stage similar to infants learning their mother language. According to researcher Haynes, learning the second language involves passing through some stages much(prenominal) as early production, preproduction, speech emergence, advanced fluency and intermediate fluency. About preproduction stage, learners are yet to converse with their second language. In the second stage, learners speak in short phrases. In the emergence speech stage, learners increase their vocabulary and can converse with simple phrases or questions.

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