Saturday, June 8, 2019

Social Psychology, What it would be like to be an African American Essay

Social Psychology, What it would be like to be an African American Male - Essay ExampleThe African Americans are influenced by the common Americans as well as all those that live near them. The basic point to note here is that they are not universe dealt in a decent manner. They are subject to the mercy of their superiors, which should not be the case in the first place. African Americans have left their African lands in search of a better living but what they find in American for so many years now is an attitude and treatment full of bias and ill will on the part of the latter.The only manner in which a young African American gets to know more about his own self and his grow is through his ancestors as the country and its media do not project the Blacks in such a fashion as should be the case. His parents and other family members teach him what his lift is all about and what asked of them to migrate towards America. The development of this young individual is in the hands of th e Americans, the Whites. Now it is up to them how they treat him and what sort of work they want him to do and for whom.Not only this, his character is built in such a way that he always feels under the rule of a White, which is a uncontaminated American. This man feels that he is impure and does not belong to the country as the White American does.Others think of the African American male as being an outsider, who has crept into the American lands either through some fraudulent tactics or other similar activities. Nobody is agreeable to his being there no proceeds what the circumstances are. The stereotypes related with him are that since he does not belong to the place, he will never be loyal with the nation, its values, customs and ethics. He will skid commit forgery and other heinous acts which are considered derogatory in nature by all concerned. Other stereotype related with him is that since he is Black, he will always be kept at the position that is behind a pure White Am erican.Concepts of attribution theory and confirmation bias

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