Saturday, June 15, 2019

Switzerland Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Switzerland - Essay ExampleSwitzerland also has ground water reserves and also has a operative number of lakes that are spread across the Swiss sphere of influences.Switzerland has a limited percentage of mineral resources, but the Swiss population, mostly majors in domesticate production and other forms of farming. This means that the Swiss soil is robust because of soil variation and relief rainfall makes a significant part of the country to be useful in cultivation and the rest for nap pasture. Some of the minerals mined in Switzerland include iron and manganese whose heavy deposits are in Jura firearm the country also does not have coal deposits. One of the major challenges that Switzerland faces is that building land is not adequate, but the country focuses on more on retaining the appearances of the already established villages and towns. A majority of the Swiss population, a third live in the urban regions of the country that include Zurich, Bern, Lausanne, Basel and Gene va because of the favourable root word that exists in these cities. Essentially, people move from the mountainous regions and into the cities in search of work opportunities, but also a significant fraction of the population also lives in the mountain covered regions.Switzerlands environment is also characterized by melting glaciers, especially with the global challenge of global warming making the regions in the mountain to be extremely dangerous to live in. However, the central plateau is also characterized by a high population in which people in this area compete in what activities they should engage in because of the limited space.Switzerland is also the home and the headquarters of the International Red Cross community that are located in Geneva that was founded in 1866 in Bern in the same country. The Old Swiss Confederacy experienced a period of unrest that included the areas of social, political, and phantasmal aspects, but the French

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