Thursday, June 13, 2019

Religious Approaches Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Religious Approaches - Essay ExampleThe non-Christian Chinese should engage them through these core values that are overly shared by the Christians and they should come in it knowing that it is not an event for hostile arguments. They should not seek to defend nor to attack for at the end no one will emerge as the winner. The dialogue should be conducted with the aim of increasing spirit. The non-Christians Chinese should at all eras make sure that the ballock debate doesnt occur outside the dialogue. This doesnt imply that there should no, or there will be no disagreement at the time of the dialogue. Since the differences that exist at the core of individuals systems of belief are at issue, frequent disagreements are bound to be there. However, the dialogue isnt the forum for trying to demonstrate the greatness of one system of belief over another. Open disagreement is supposed to primarily take place only whenever a participant is convinced that another participant has prompte d or made a misconception to the practices and beliefs of the first. The non-Christians Chinese when engaging Christians in dialogue, they are supposed to let them their own self-definition. This is a very important rule in such type of dialogue. Christians have to be given the chance to define their beliefs, as well as their understanding of the religious teachings without being contradicted by the non-Christian Chinese. They should also be willing to critically look into their very own religion as they look into Christianity.

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