Tuesday, June 18, 2019

NHS omputer System Failures Affecting Patient Care Assignment

NHS omputer System Failures Affecting Patient Care - Assignment ExampleComputers have assisted man ever since their inception. This designation describes the infusion of Information engineering in the field of health and medicine that has led to the rebirth of the said field. Technological advancements that have affected the field of health were described in the assignment and have affected the human society as a whole directly and have mostly proved to be beneficial rather than hazardous. The detective focuses on analysis of the NHS OR NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE that is an organization that was established in UK. The core idea behind the establishment of National wellness Services-NHS was to provide high quality of healthcare to all the patients. This was specially intended keeping in mind that no patient should be made to gestate because of his financial stature. Thus apart from very few procedures the NHS unanimously provides medical services to all its patients that are UK reside nts. Since its inception, there was always one issue or the other that inhibited the successful growth of the system, such as the delaying of computerized scheduled patient operations, subscription of timely and accurate medicines, failing to detect and ensure treatment of pubic louse patients within two weeks and those of emergent nature within four hours. The researcher analyzed and investigated problems, that were mentioned above and provided his own opinion on success of the National wellness Services organization as well as some gave some recommendations and solutions found to solve the problems.

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